FIF – The Feetinform Software

Feetinform is a highly professional software for shoe orthopedic technology that helps you design and produce customized shoe insoles based on your customers’ 3D footprint. This high-performance software also includes a CRM solution for managing customer data, orders, measurements and designs, as well as data and information management.

FIFse and FIFpro

There are two variants of the software: the single-user version “FIFse” and the network solution “FIFpro”. In “FIFse” all customer data is stored in a separate file, including contact data, measurements and orders. With “FIFpro”, on the other hand, the data is stored in a database that is located either locally on a computer or on a server. In addition, “FIFpro” offers user management, workgroups, PPM (production process management) and a variety of search filters. If you produce more than 500 deposits per year or have several branches or a central production, we recommend the use of “FIFpro”.

In both variants, FIFse and FIFpro, our 3D measuring devices, Spike and Kobra, are automatically at your service and enable you to scan soles or footprints in the foam box immediately. The measurement can be triggered on both devices either by a mouse click or by a button on the Spike or with a remote control on the Kobra. This allows you to hold the patient’s foot in a corrected position during the foot measurement and start the measurement immediately.

The measuring principle of Spike is perfectly adapted to the requirements of orthopedic shoe technology. With a total of 1055 touch sensors, the foot sole is scanned with uniform pressure, from which a digital 3D footprint is automatically created.

The unique part about measuring with the Kobra is that it does not need to be moved during the measurement. With just one click, you receive an already aligned, cleaned and smoothed digital 3D footprint within one second.

Measurements from other 3D scanners can also be imported into the software via the STL import, where they are automatically aligned, cleaned up and smoothed. This feature is especially helpful if you have a blemished measurement.

The prepared measurements can be exported from Feetinform in STL format or as a 1:1 printout in PDF format. In the 1:1 printout, the heights are represented by different colors, whereby there are several color palettes that can be adjusted. The printout is available in the paper formats DIN A4 and DIN A3. This printout is often used for documentation or conventional production of the individual insoles.


Both software variants, FIFse and FIFpro, offer the option to be used with or without the CAD module. The CAD module in both variants offers the same functionality and allows you to model individual insoles based on your customer’s 2D or 3D measurements. Upon installation, you will receive our standard libraries of model templates, corrections and outlines. We recommend that you adapt these to your specific fitting requirements and save them in your own library, supported by our 3D tools.

FIF software CAD

Our model templates are adaptive and automatically adjust to the foot size and geometry. You only need to create one model template per insole type. With a single click, you can create a custom insole from a measurement.

The included corrections are organized in different libraries, including basic shapes, negatives, sensorimotor, simulant and others. You have numerous options to customize these corrections to your individual needs.


If you want to use your own insole milling machine or a 3D printer to produce the insole, you can export the constructed insoles in STL format. You can then load these STL files into your NC code generator or slicer software.

STL Export Examples

1st STL for insole milling – with a shape and high heel cup. Download STL1

2nd STL for insole milling – with one shape and two negatives. Download STL2

3rd STL for insole milling – flip-flop design. Download STL3

4th STL for 3D printer – insole with a pad. Download STL4

5th STL for 3D printer – Proprio insole. Download STL5

Production Center

The “Send to Production Center” feature acts as your extended workbench and allows you to export anonymized production jobs to MILL Center or 3D Print Center. This option is ideal for getting started, for smaller quantities, or as a supplement to your own production. The measurement and design of the insoles remain in your hands. You save the initial costs for the hardware as well as costs for maintenance, personnel and warehousing. This results in increased liquidity, as orders are charged at the end of the month.

Production with FIFpro

A MILL module is also available for “FIFpro” to create milling files for the milling machine. This module supports most CNC milling machines and allows a variable number of slots/pairs. The milling strategy, including speed, use of a border and quality, can be customized to your needs. The generated NC file is saved directly to the folder of the milling machine. The creation of the milling file is registered in PPM to ensure that a job is not produced more than once, especially in the case of centralized or outsourced production. When installing the software, you will also receive a complete configuration for our “Hamster” insole milling machine (4 pairs).

The STL generator is available exclusively for “FIFpro” and is similar to the NC generator. Compared to the STL export, it allows the export of any number of pairs. The position and alignment of the slots can be freely configured. This export action is also registered in PPM to ensure that an order is not produced more than once.

STL Generator – 1 Pair

NC File for Hamster – 4 Pairs

NCP File for Isel-4030

General System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Win10pro 64 Bit
  • RAM: min. 4 GB (recommended 8 GB)
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9.0, compatible with Shader Model 2.0 support (recommended NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon – Intel HD not recommended)
  • Hard disk: min. 500 GB free space
  • Monitor: min. 1024 x 768 pixels (recommended 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Interfaces: USB for spike and separate LAN for router
  • Operating system for database server: Windows Server 2012 64Bit or higher