feetinform Mill-Center

Your enlarged workbench – quick and reliable!

feetinform Mill-Center is your enlarged workbench and it mills your individual insoles quick and reliable.

Quick and reliable

  • You can still decide the design of your insoles.
  • You can send your production orders directly through feetinform software.
  • We process your order within 24 hours from arrival; milled insoles will be sent back next day. Orders that arrive before 10 am can be produced and sent back at the same day.

Each work station can be integrated in the feetinform Mill-Center free of charge. There is a special export function that anonymizesand transfers the production orders to the Mill-Center.

Feetinform Mill-Center can be used at once with your own milling machine. That gives you some extra backup capacity in case of a production bottleneck or during vacation time.

Feetinform Mill-Center is interesting for everyone, who discovered the advantages of an outsourced production and it is the optimal solution for beginners in the insoles-milling business.


  • Increase competitiveness due to individual supply philosophy
  • Minimal costs
    – Purchase of milling machine – not necessary
    – Service of milling machine – not necessary
    – Expansion of the production area – not necessary
    – Extra staff – not necessary
    – Stock milling material – not necessary
  • Increase of liquidity: monthly Mill-Center billing

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help!