A Multi-talent for Orthopedic Shoe Technology

Kobra is a professional 3D-Scanner for orthopedic shoe technology. It stands out for its robustness and minimal maintenance, as it has no moving parts that could break. Due to the infrared technology, the 3D-Scanner is insensitive to ambient lighting.

The main area of application lies in the 3D scanning of foambox footprints and foot soles. It is compatible with commercially available foamboxes and can record foot sizes up to size 50 EU/stab (maximum measuring area: 330x150mm, maximum measuring depth: 40mm, measuring accuracy: up to 1mm).

Kobra is extremely compact and lightweight, making it ideal for mobile use, for example in connection with a ScanBoard or a ScanBox (not included in the scope of delivery).

Mounting Options

There are different mounting options for Kobra: at a table edge for 3D foambox measurements, attached to a 10 mm glass pane for 3D foot scans or under a 10 mm glass pane in a platform or a ScanBOX for the 3D scans of foot soles or footprints.

Kobra attached to a 10 mm glass pane for 3D scanning of foot soles.

Kobra mounted under a 10 mm pane of glass for 3D scanning foot soles or foamboxes.

Kobra mounted on the edge of the table for 3D scans of foambox footprints.

Especially for foot measurements in corrected position, we recommend the usage of our supplied remote control. This makes it possible to hold the patients’ foot in the right position, while the measurement is started by you or the patient. The foot measurement can be conducted both under full and under partial pressure.

When Kobra is mainly used for 3D scanning of foamboxes at table edges, the remote control can be stored in Kobra.

The “FIFse Measuring” Software

The “FIFse” software for measuring included in the Kobra Stand-Alone SET enables the scans to be performed and saved on a customer-specific basis. The software saves the contact data, measurements and orders of the individual client in a customer folder.

In the software, the measurement can be triggered by a simple mouse click or by using a remote control.

In addition, it is possible to import measurements from other 3D scanners into the software. The measurements can be exported in STL format and there is also the option to generate a 1:1 printout in PDF format.

After connecting to the PC, the Kobra is automatically recognized as a 3D scanner. The measurement can be started either by mouse click or by using the supplied remote control. During the measurement, the Kobra does not need to be moved. With just one click, you will receive an already aligned, cleaned and smoothed digital 3D footprint within a second.

Measurements from other 3D scanners can also be imported into the software via the STL import, where they are automatically aligned, cleaned up and smoothed. This feature is especially helpful if you have a blemished measurement.

The prepared measurements can be exported from Feetinform in STL format or as a 1:1 printout in PDF format. In the 1:1 printout, the heights are represented by different colors, whereby there are several color palettes that can be adjusted. The printout is available in the paper formats DIN A4 and DIN A3. This printout is often used for documentation or conventional production of the individual insoles.

Bonus – 2 Months CAD Module for Free!

After purchase, you will receive a free 2-month use of the CAD module. This allows you to model individual insoles based on the 3D measurements, create your own model templates, make corrections, design outline shapes and insoles, and use advanced 3D tools for 3D measurement. You can model positive models and export the models in STL format for 3D printing or insole milling.

In addition, you get 20 free 3D imports via our iOS app “FIF Mobile”.

Technical specifications:

  • Size of the Kobra: 320x250x40 mm
  • Universal foot size: 110x70x40 mm
  • Weight: about 500 g
  • Measuring area: 330×150 mm
  • Accuracy: 1 mm
  • Duration of the measurement: 1-2 sec
  • Connection to the PC via USB type A
  • Operating system: from Windows 10 Pro 64 bit