The Feetinform Milling Blocks

Quality Does Not Have to be Expensive!

The focus of our development is the optimum milling result. Our EVA blocks can be easily sanded, glued and cut without producing disturbing dust or odors during milling. All our standard blocks are manufactured in bevel, which saves costs, reduces waste and minimizes the ecological footprint of production.

Standard FIF Blocks

We recommend the use of our “FIF-Deluxe” and “FIF-Control” to produce high quality 3-component insoles for everyday shoes, slippers and sports shoes.

Both variants are identical in construction. However, “FIF-Control” is altogether approx. 10° Shore harder and therefore ideal for ambitious athletes, permanent use or higher body weight.

The three components support the physiological movement of the foot:

  • Stable rearfoot for better heel guidance
  • Softer midfoot to support the natural rolling of the foot
  • Soft tread to relieve the forefoot when pushing off

For bedding insoles for rheumatism or diabetes, we recommend our “FIF-Diabetes rebu3” and “FIF-Diabetes rebu10”. They are identical in construction to “FIF-Deluxe” but have a soft additional layer for better pressure distribution. “FIF-Diabetes rebu10” can also be milled as a relief insole.

We also offer 4 milling blocks for Comfort insoles. These differ in correction strength, restoring force and load. The Comfort milling blocks consist of a 5 mm base layer of one Shore hardness and a bevel of a different Shore hardness.

For soft insoles we offer milling blocks in the Shore hardnesses “FIF-Economie 40°” and “FIF-Economie 45°”.

You also have the option of having your own blanks produced by us. In doing so, all of our designs are available to you. You can determine the colors and hardnesses for each individual component. We can also produce special sizes and shapes on request.

We would be pleased to assist you in choosing the appropriate block. You may download the Feetinform milling blocks catalog by clicking here.