Kobra – Infrared 3D scanner

Kobra is a 3D scanner for foot soles and footprints on foam box.

Kobra is compact, low maintenance and cost effective.

Thanks to infrared technology, Kobra is insensitive to room lighting and can therefore be used as a tabletop unit or as a built-in unit for open/transparent scan boards or pedestals.

Kobra is 100% integrated into our FIF software and is very easy to use. With two clicks and in a few seconds you scan the right and left foot. The data is automatically transferred to the software.

Kobra is a multi-talent and scan the foot from above or below.
Different cobra feet are available for this purpose:
• For the table for measuring foam boxes
• For installation under 10 mm glass for foam box and foot measurement

Kobra is available in white-blue or in white-gray.

Additional modules:

We offer additional modules for an easy and convenient foot measurement with the Kobra.

The “Box” is suitable to perform a partially loaded foot measurement in a sitting or standing position in sales and treatment rooms as well as in mobile use.

The “Scanboard” is great for mobile partial-load foot measurement in a sitting position.

The “Built-in” module is installed in a pedestal at a fixed location.

All additional modules are equipped with a remote control. This allows you to conveniently trigger the measurement while placing or holding the client’s foot in the corrected posture.

Technical data:

  • Kobra size: 250x250x30 mm
    • Foot for tabletop unit: 110x70x40 mm
    • Foot for built-in unit: 70x70x40 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg
  • Measuring area: 330×150 mm
  • Accuracy: 1 mm
  • Duration of the measurement cycle: 1-2 sec
  • Connection to PC via USB 2.0

Delivery contents:

  • Kobra
  • Kobra-foot for table with screw clamp
  • Kobra-foot for mounting under 10 mm glass