NEW – FIF Mobile App

FIF Mobile is a simple and mobile solution for 3D scanning footsoles, foam boxes and insoles. The scans can be sent directly from the app to a feetinform modeling station to import them.

FIF Mobile is available to you for free. Costs only occur when importing the measurements. Therefore, we offer packages starting at 50 imports.

FIF Mobile is ideal for mobile or decentralized measurement and wherever measurements are taken occasionally, e. g. in the field, in a practice, in salesrooms, clinics or at events.

Like our Cobra, FIF Mobile uses the infrared technology of the 3D camera built into the iPhone or iPad (with Face ID). The camera is insensitive to room lighting.

Measurements are taken in seconds, hands-free – without moving the measurement object or the iPhone or iPad. Feet can also be measured through a transparent pane.

You can find more information here.