The feetinform system – 10 advantages for you:

1. Reliable results:

Our system is powered by more than 20 years of experience in the production of individual orthopedic insoles from one of the leading German experts in feet orthotics – Trautmann GmbH. The reliable, precise milling result and a resulting safe and stable feeling with the insole speak for themselves.

2. Complete system:

Measuring system, software, milling and blanks were developed together and perfectly matched to one another. Together, they form the highly precise feetinform system for an insole manufacturing – everything fits and is immediately ready to use.

3. Advanced technology:

The touch-measuring-station Spike, the milling-machine Hamster and the feetinform software have been developed on the latest state of the technology and convince by their high interactivity, accuracy and speed.

4. Top service – your feetinform carefree package:

Regular maintenance of our system including software updates, competent support (by telephone and remotely) as well as spare parts and repair, are components of your support agreement.

5. Intuitive operation – easy and fast to the goal:

The operation of our system is very simple. The hardware is 100% integrated with the software. The clear and intuitive user interface with many input aids simplifies data collection. Data exchange is automatic.

6. Intuitive, clearly structured feetinform software:

The FIF software is modular and offers perfect possibilities for the division of tasks within the company. Each step is self-contained and can be delegated accordingly. The employee at the milling machine merely fixes the blank and starts the milling job. All production-relevant orthopedic data are transmitted directly from the system to the milling machine. Minimize your communication and training expenses.

7. Centralized data backup, automatic synchronization:

The feetinform system allows the central storage of all data necessary for the manufacture of individual orthopedic insoles. In addition to the customer data and the foot measurement values, the integrated SQL database also allows you to import additional documents, for example foot prints or values from the treadmill analysis. Automatic synchronization provides the assurance that your valuable customer data is always up-to-date in a multi-location environment.

8. Effectiveness by eliminating rework:

The feetinform system combines a 100% object-oriented design of the footbed with your experience in orthopedic shoe technology and provides a milling result which requires no further post-processing.

9. From the measurement to the model “in three clicks”:

Interactive model templates offer the possibility to create a model of the insole from a foot measurement with just a mouse click. Combine several 3D tools into your own model template and define individual standards in your company.

10. Time savings due to four milling jobs in one operation:

The feetinform milling machine Hamster offers you the possibility to process up to four milling jobs in a single work cycle in a fully automatic manner. In the meantime, your employee can take care of other tasks – time is money.